La sécurité dans le secteur de la pêche

Safer, stronger and better boats


Climate change is increasing risks at sea. Storms and cyclones occur with greater frequency and intensity. Fishers will need to adapt to the changing situation and invest in better and safer equipment. These safer, stronger and better boats can support the climate change adaptation process in the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

This brochure promotes new designs for small-scale undecked fishing boats in Sri Lanka. The SL20 and SL23 fishing boats are designed for fishing operations along the coastal waters of SriLanka. These designs have considered existing boats, current operations, fishing methods, fishers onboard work space requirements and todays climate change challenges and safety of lives at sea. They are designed and built to FAO/ILO/IMO standards to ensure high quality and structurally sound boats that last longer and provide greater safety to crew.