La sécurité dans le secteur de la pêche

Sea safety guide for the Pacific islands


Fishing the vast Pacific Island waters, small-scale tuna fishers often venture beyond 20 miles of their village shores, to locations with strong oceanic currents, in craft that may not be fit for purpose and with too little in regard to knowledge of their engine or the necessary tools to repair an engine at sea. A craft that outperforms the seas when under power is often overpowered by the sea when the engine fails, with disastrous results and too often loss of life.

A sea safety guide for small-scale fishers targets to capture the attention of average fishers to understand how dangerous each and every fishing trip is. And that it is only them that can improve their safety at sea. Simple yet very effective equipment can be easily stowed without conflict to their fishing operation, and should always be carried on every fishing trip.

The guide also captures the attention of the boat owners or potential boat owners to understand the various aspects of construction and fit out of a boat, to ensure the boat will be fit for purpose, safer during most operational conditions and can be a reliable life raft for the crew in the advent of capsize or flooding of the boat.