Instrumento de contribuciones voluntarias flexibles (FVC)

The Flexible Voluntary Contribution (FVC) 2022 Annual Progress Report


The Flexible Voluntary Contribution (FVC) 2022 annual progress report captures the key achievements of the FVC, both in terms of its role as a pooled fund for non-earmarked and softly earmarked contributions from resource partners and the implementation of development initiatives through FVC subprogrammes. The report provides a comprehensive understanding of the FVC's role within the Organization, the contribution of FVC-funded work to the achievements of FAO's four betters and their respective Programme Priority Areas (PPAs), and the future direction of the FVC based on experiences in 2022. The report comprises six sections: (1) Introduction, (2) Achievements of the FVC as a fund, (3) Achievements of FVC programmes (the four betters), (4) Key FVC principles, (5) Challenges and lessons learned, and (6) Conclusions and future actions.

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