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International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN)

The International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) is a global voluntary network of national authorities with a role in food safety, coordinated by a joint FAO/WHO Secretariat.  National authorities of almost all of FAO and WHO Member States are part of the network.  FAO and WHO have complementary roles in the management of INFOSAN.

INFOSAN, by linking relevant authorities globally, is an important communication tool for exchanging information on food safety incidents and emergencies related to internationally traded foods, facilitating rapid access to relevant information. The mission of INFOSAN is to strengthen prevention, preparedness and response to food safety incidents and emergencies through fostering a global community of practice among food safety professionals. Specifically, INFOSAN aims to:

  • Promote the rapid exchange of information during food safety related events; 
  • Share information on important food safety related issues of global interest;
  • Promote partnerships and collaboration between countries, and between networks; and
  • Help countries strengthen their capacity to manage food safety emergencies.

FAO, jointly with WHO, supports national authorities in strengthening their participation in the INFOSAN network. FAO, in particular, works with countries encouraging all the relevant stakeholders in food safety, including ministries of agriculture and trade, to actively participate in the network. This networking across sectors supports the exchange of information and communication on food safety matters in general, even in the absence of an emergency. 

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