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Three months to World Food Safety Day!


On 7 March – with exactly three months to go before the 7 June celebration, the theme for this year’s World Food Safety Day was revealed and the World Food Safety Day guide was published. The theme this year is ‘Safer food, better health’.

World Food Safety Day event organizers around the world are encouraged to focus on the ways in which improvements in food safety can impact on the health of people, animals and the environment. The guide to World Food Safety Day also makes the point that “we need to transform food systems to deliver better health, and we need to do so in a sustainable manner.” One of the aims of World Food Safety Day this year is to increase everyone’s awareness of the fundamental importance of food safety to food systems transformation.

FAO also took the opportunity of this launch day to publish “Thinking about the future of food safety – a foresight report”, in which the Organization looks to emerging and future issues and challenges within the food safety arena. 

The World Food Safety Day slogan is ‘Food safety is everyone’s business’ and with that in mind, the guide and the event website are aimed at people from the food industry, academia, schools, governments and the general public. There is an array of materials available to help people organize their World Food Safety Day events and activities, including social media cards and posters in six languages, which are available on a Trello board. Templates are also available for producing World Food Safety Day ‘gadgets’, such as caps, T shirts, aprons and mugs.

All event organizers are encouraged to get in touch with details of their activities and with photos. Please contact: [email protected]

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