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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition • FSN Forum


The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) is an online platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue where policy decisions on food security and nutrition are collectively inspired, developed and linked with practice. The FSN Forum’s areas of expertise are:

Discussions and consultations

Discussions and consultations, moderated by the FSN Forum with internal or external thematic facilitators, explore food security and nutrition topics from a practitioner’s point of view, provide input to policy processes and can be used to validate technical work. They can be raised by fellow members, be initiated by the FSN Forum team or can be part of global and regional initiatives. 

Open calls

In this section you can find the complete list of open calls held on the FSN Forum until now. All contributions received are publicly accessible.

Here you can participate in the ongoing calls and find information such as the examples and cases shared and further background information on all previously held calls.

Online surveys

The FSN Forum’s online surveys can be used to collect specific feedback for projects, programmes and policy processes ranging from quick polls to detailed questionnaires. The surveys, which can be run in one or more UN languages reach out to the FSN Forum’s members and can also be directed at specific audience. Throughout the process, all personal information and data are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


Webinars are used to provide information and training through real time presentations and interactive sessions. These initiatives can complement online discussions and consultations providing additional ways for interested participants to engage with a topic. The recordings of these sessions can be accessed anytime and provide a valuable tool for learning more about a particular food security and nutrition theme. 


Workshops are precious opportunities for FSN Forum members to engage in face-to face dialogue.  Bringing together focus groups from either geographical or thematic areas facilitates knowledge exchange, strengthens community building and allows designing actionable roadmaps for improving food security and nutrition policies. 

Targeted spaces

To support a more inclusive and transparent food security and nutrition governance processes, the FSN Forum facilitates consultation areas that can be targeted at a specific programme, thematic area, policy process or country. These innovative mechanisms aim at opening drafting and policy making process to a wide range of expertise and respond to the increased expectations of stakeholders at all levels to be involved in and informed about policy processes from the design phase to evaluation.

Regional platforms

In addition to its debates at global level, the FSN Forum facilitates communities of experts and online platforms targeted at specific geographic areas that provide a channel for stakeholders to discuss regional priorities and take part in the drafting of regional and national food security policies. The current regional platforms are: