Foro Global sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (Foro FSN)

Dear Moderator and other members of FSN forum

I am not making contribution on the main issues that you asked here. But I would like to comment on the FAO and UNEP memorandum on sustainable food system issue including stack taking. I want to know why UNEP involved in food security program? What is the UNEP global mandate? Has it accomplished well? Has it effectively addressed food security issues affected by its programmes or globally given mandate. In my understanding the programmes under UNEP has misleading many poor people and worsen food security in the world. If the management of the agency need I can provide enough evidences. If the UNEP management were professionally or ethically serious on food security and poor people's issues they should do their job first. If any agency does not work seriously in the areas of responsibility how they provide good service in other areas? I doubt that the involvement of the UNEP make difference on food security. It might make worse.  I expect response from the UNEP representative. I would also like to know response from FAO representative through this forum that why the collaboration with the UNEP is needed. 

FSN members, it is your person right and will whether or not contribute in this discussion. But if we blindly (without constructively thinking about ) participate or support any initiatives  that can encourage bad practices of globally powerful agencies in the world. Your constructive comments or feedback can often make the agencies sincere on working issue and your contribute benefit poor people or public.         


B. Dhakal