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Towards the Development of the Programme on Sustainable Food Systems (SFSP)

Dear all,

Pursuant to the enhanced Memorandum of Understanding signed on September 24th 2014 between the Director-General of FAO and the Executive Director of UNEP, FAO and UNEP are jointly developing a programme on sustainable food systems under the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP), based on the experience and work under the FAO-UNEP Sustainable Food Systems Programme.

This follows a decision by the Agri-food Taskforce on Sustainable Consumption and Production of the FAO-UNEP Sustainable Food Systems Programme, the approval of the 10YFP Board of a preliminary proposal presented by FAO and UNEP, and the recommendation of the Committee on Agriculture of FAO at its 24th session.

As part of this process, a public consultation is being organized in order to:

  1. take stock of information on initiatives of relevance for the development of the Programme, particularly to avoid duplication and facilitate synergies and partnerships [please use this form]
  2. collect comments and input on a short draft concept note, for the further development of the Programme [please use this form]
  3. collect potential expressions of interest of entities to participate in the the Programme as Lead/Co-leads and/or as member of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) and/or work area coordinators and/or simple partners [please use this form].

The results of the consultation will be used to further develop the concept note. A Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) will be constituted, with Lead/Co-leads.

The Lead/Co-leads, together with the MAC will finalize the concept note and develop a full programme proposal, which will be submitted to the 10YFP Secretariat for formal validation of the 10YFP Board. More details on the process are available on the Web site of the 10YFP (

We thank you in advance for your interest, support and efforts, and for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

We look forward to your contributions.

Ms Maria Helena Semedo

FAO Deputy Director-General

Mr Ibrahim Thiaw

UNEP Deputy Executive Director


Please use the forms provided to send us your feedback and upload them below as attachment to your comment.

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Laura Patricia Brenes Peralta

Escuela de Agronegocios, TEC
Costa Rica

Dear 10YFP-SFSP Moderator & Mr, Dernini

I attach the completed forms available in the public FAO/UNEP consultation.

Regards and thanks for your attention.

Laura B

Charbel Mahfoud

Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find attached, AFED Secretary General Mr. Najib Saab’s filled in forms of FAO public consultation of the Programme on Sustainable Food Systems. Mr. Alexandre Meybeck invited Mr. Saab to participate in the consultation.

Also attached, form of expressions of interest of AFED to participate in the Programme and 2 initiatives that AFED have done in this field.

Initative 1

Initative 2

Please confirm receiving the 4 files.



FAO Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction


Since 2011, the FAO Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (also called SAVE FOOD), together with the private sector trade fair organizer Messe Düsseldorf GmbH (Germany), works in partnership with public entities, the private sector and civil society for: (i) awareness raising; (ii) collaboration and coordination of worldwide initiatives; (iii) evidence-based policy, strategy and programme development; and (iv) technical support to programmes and projects.

FAO is collaborating with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP) for the Global Community of Practice for Reduction of Food Losses. The Organization will compile the Global Food Loss Index to estimate loss ratios in countries (dynamic predictions are supported, i.e. estimates can be continuously updated) and has designed the food supply chain case study methodology for the food subsectors in developing countries. The methodology, covering (i) screening, (ii) sampling and survey, (iii) synthesis and final report, has been tested in 2013 in Kenya.

In October 2013, the World Resources Institute (WRI) launched the design of the Food Loss and Waste Measurement Protocol. FAO is a member of the Steering Committee, provides and facilitates technical support and a global harmonized approach.

In January 2013, FAO and UNEP launched the Think.Eat.Save (TES) Campaign (as part of SAVE FOOD and of the FAO/UNEP Sustainable Food Systems Programme) and in May 2014 published the Prevention and reduction of food and drink waste in businesses and households – Guidance for governments, local authorities, businesses and other organizations Version 1.0. focused on designing effective food waste prevention programmes with governments, local authorities, private companies, institutions and civil society for the retail, hospitality and food service supply chains.

FAO, IFAD, WFP and UNEP work closely for the 5th element on “zero food loss or waste” of the Zero Hunger Challenge.

For more information and to join SAVE FOOD, see

Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (also called SAVE FOOD) 

Kelliane Fuscaldi

Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Agropecuário e Cooperativismo

Please find enclosed this last form from one of our coordinations in the requirement of the Secretariat of Agricultural And Cooperative Development (SDC)/ Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) to participate in the 10YFP-SFSP.

Kind regards


Jochen Krimphoff

Fondation WWF-France

Dear Madam or Sir, 

Please find enclosed WWF's comments in reponse to the consultation on the proposed 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme and related stocktacking exercise. 

Our submission contains four documents: 

  • the feedback form with our comments on the proposed draft (attached);
  • three stocktaking forms with three WWF flagship programmes in connection with Sustainable Food Systems (SFS): our market transformation initiative, the LiveWell for Life initiative and the FishForward initiative.

We would like to apologize for the slight delay  (which due to IT related technical reasons) and hope you will still be able to consider our comments and stocktaking contributions.  

I remain at your disposal should you require any further information in connection to our submission. 

Jochen Krimphoff

Directeur adjoint, relations internationales et développement 

Deputy Director - International relations & development 

Fondation WWF-France (World Wide Fund for Nature)

✉: Bois de Boulogne | 1 carrefour de Longchamp | F-75016 Paris | France

☎:+33 6 71 60 80 51 (mobile) | +33 1 55 25 84 12 (direct) | +33 1 55 25 84 84 (switchboard)

Skype: Jochen Krimphoff @ WWF-France 

email: [email protected]


Christine Cherbut


Elise Golan

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please find attached the U.S. comments on the draft concept note for the 10YFP-SFSP as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s expression of interest in participating as a member on the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee. 

Please let me know if anything is unclear.

Best Regards,


Gloria Hanna Jabbour

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa

To whom it may concern, kindly find attached the participation form in the SFS program.

We would like to tell you that the Chamber through its various departments is so flexible for any task that you may need for the best implementation of the program.

Please let us know If you need further detailed information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Quality & Product Development Responsible

SLOWMED Project Coordinator

Food Quality Center

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa

Zahle, Industrial road - 100 Zahle - Lebanon