Foro Global sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (Foro FSN)

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    • I believe that help could be given in different ways and at different stages. In the area of governance, the data provided by FAO is important, as well as being able to strengthen data management systems for agricultural production, with the development of technical capabilities. as well as in the analysis, processing and monitoring so that this data becomes useful information when making decisions. Furthermore, analyzing the synergies that can occur in public and private institutions for the development of governance, another instance that seems important to me is to see the economic aspect, all of these are difficult without a source of financing.
      Breaking down what is sought, one part is the transformation of agri-food systems to make them more sustainable, inclusive and resilient. I consider that knowledge and monitoring of the resources we use are very important. As well as being able to implement practices and measure their effect.

    •  Voluntary guidance tool for the sustainable enhancement of small-scale livestock productivity – Need, scope, nature, and development process

      "I consider that a characteristic that often defines small-scale producers is also the longer production cycles, a point I wanted to bring into consideration. In addition, infrastructure, for example, emerges as an important issue. With less infrastructure, management and productivity are limited.

      In Paraguay, one of the effects of this approach can be identified: it becomes a source of money savings that can be used in case of any needs, such as sending children to study. Since the country lacks access to the sea, limiting protein sources, small-scale producers play a crucial role in providing essential proteins for local consumption.

      Furthermore, it is crucial to assess natural resources and establish monitoring methods to ensure their sustainability, as they are crucial for production. Among the associated benefits is the possibility of linking the sale of locally produced and value-added products to a tourist attraction.

      The lack of data at this level is a significant point that hinders policies. I consider that understanding vulnerability is important because in difficult situations, small-scale producers are the ones who have the most difficulty recovering."