Dear participants,

I am pleased to share the newly released paper on “Nutrition and social protection”, which presents each social protection instrument and describes how its impact on nutrition can be enhanced. The paper is complete with case studies and analysis of major challenges and windows of opportunity.

Given its importance for improving food and nutrition security, FAO has made social protection one of its corporate priorities. Social protection is one of the pillars of FAO’s Strategic Objective “Reduce Rural Poverty”, and will be the central theme of this year’s World Food Day and of FAO’s flagship report on the State of Food and Agriculture 2015.

The paper Nutrition and social protection is the result of a collaborative effort between the FAO Nutrition Division and Social Protection Division. It is written for policy makers and project managers working on areas related to nutrition and social protection, and aims to provide practical and operational suggestions to enhance the nutritional impact of social protection policies and programmes.


This publication presents the linkages and synergies between social protection and nutrition in the food and agriculture sector and proposes recommendations for maximizing the nutritional impact of social protection programmes. The target audience includes professionals working in social protection who wish to know more about how nutrition relates to their work, as well as nutrition experts who wish to know how social protection can contribute to improving nutrition.