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    • Thank you for this important effort. 

      I am soil4climate, soil-age, Sols Vivants Québec advisory board member.

      Involved with biochar, a structuring soil amendment than can hold and retain fertilizers — member of the International Biochar Initiative.

      Our comments:

      • Shall present soils as a living organism — a quality attributed to animals, human, the general environment, but not to soils. 
      • Lets underline carbon as a driver of fertility, of water retention and absorption, and, of climate change reversal.
      • Underestimation of chemical fertilizers in reducing, by oxIdation, carbon content in soils — especially when combined with soils’ tilling. World agriculture lands have lost 50-70% of their carbon content (R. Lal). 
      • Synthetic fertilizers are not renewable. They will peak, and deplete. Strong dependance of some synthetic fertilizers on depleting fossil-fuels. 
      • We could see more of a holistic approach, including healthy soils’ services: erosion control, healthy soils bringing biodiversity, water retention of soils with high carbon contents, historical co-evolution of soils and big herds of wild animals and need for proxies. We could read more: circular economy, potential of organic fertilizers for ‘regenerative agriculture’ and soils’ restoration, biodiversity for a livable climate, ecosystems restoration for global warming reversal. 

      Kind regards, 

      Benoit Lambert, PhD