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Online learning event Climate Change, Food Security and Nutrition


Tuesday 31 March 2015 from 14:45 to 16:30

Over the next decades, climate change is going to add to the challenge of securing food and nutrition of a growing population.

To raise awareness on this important issue and to contribute to the understanding of the impacts on food systems, the FSN Forum joined forces with the Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme organizing:

  • an online discussion facilitated by Florence Egal in the FSN Forum;
  • a live webinar to explore and discuss the climate change, food security and nutrition nexus with a panel of experts.

You can access the recordings of the sessions and download the slides below:

  1. Introduction to the webinar

    Max Blanck, Policy Officer, Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO 

  2. Climate change impacts on food security and nutrition now and in the future

    Kaisa Karttunen, Senior Natural Resources Officer, Climate Change, Energy and Tenure Division, FAO

    Slides / Recording
  3. Co-benefits of nutrition-sensitive adaptation and mitigation

    Cristina Tirado, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of California Los Angeles, Institute of Environment and Sustainability, USA 

    Slides / Recording
  4. Global Perspectives: how climate change may affect food demand and supply in the long term – a socio-economic view 

    Aikaterini Kavallari, Economist, Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO 

    Slides / Recording
  5. The impact of  climate change on food security and nutrition – focus on adaptation

    Hideki Kanamaru, Natural Resources Officer, Climate Change, Energy and Tenure Division, FAO 

    Slides / Recording
  6. Additional comments (Florence Egal), panel discussion, summary, feedback and closure 


Background presentation

Climate Change, Food Security, Nutrition Cristina Tirado



Please note that discussion is continuing on the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition until 14th April 2015.

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