General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM


MedSea4Fish implementation is directed by a guiding document, and activities are agreed and carried out with both a bottom-up approach, whereby national priorities feed into discussions at the subregional and regional levels, and a top-down approach, whereby GFCM workplans, binding decisions and the GFCM 2030 Strategy provide guidance on priorities to be addressed at all levels.

Within each country a two-year period of activity is agreed in advance and set out in a national plan, overseen by a national MedSea4Fish focal point. The GFCM subregional technical units provide support to the MedSea4Fish coordinator and the overall implementation of MedSea4Fish activities at the national and subregional levels.

A steering committee provides guidance and oversight, coordinating MedSea4Fish activities, facilitating planning, implementation, monitoring, review and reporting in alignment with national priorities and the GFCM workplan.

MedSea4Fish Area


MedSea4Fish is a multi-partner initiative which works in every country that borders the Mediterranean Sea, bringing together fisheries stakeholders from across the region:

Scientists and other experts

Their work – usually within national fisheries institutes and authorities – is the foundation for the GFCM advisory process, establishing the knowledge base that underpins scientific advice and technical assistance. Empowering them to work better improves advisory outcomes.

Fishers and fish workers

Particularly in small-scale fisheries they have a vital role to play in data collection, traceability and scientific monitoring, and should be able to participate in decisions that affect them. The training and technical and financial support provided through MedSea4Fish are all needed to build their capacity and diversify their activities to improve their livelihoods.

Administration representatives

MedSea4Fish is a regional programme that encompasses national objectives, working closely with representatives of each country to provide the specific means and tools needed to enhance their fisheries management capacity, plan national contributions, participate in GFCM processes, and deliver against GFCM requirements.

Partner organizations

Partnerships and collaborations with a range of organizations and fora are fundamental to MedSea4Fish – they foster synergies and avoid duplication, maximizing the strategic and operational advantages each party brings to the table and scaling up overall impact. Partner organizations are key in implementing select actions on the ground, and in developing and sharing knowledge and best practices across the region.