General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Launch of GFCM-Lex: a harmonized repository for fisheries legislation in the Mediterranean



Mediterranean fisheries generate an overall annual economic value estimated at USD 8.8 billion. Nonetheless, with over 20 languages spoken in the area, the legislation covering this sector varies greatly among the 21 countries of the region. 
The GFCM is launching GFCM-Lex, an online regional repository for fisheries and aquaculture legislation in the Mediterranean. GFCM-Lex will serve as a tool to harmonize national legislation at the regional level and facilitate its access to fishers, policy makers, researchers and the general public.   
GFCM-Lex provides reliable information on national legislation and relevant binding recommendations adopted by the GFCM in an easily accessible and comprehensible format. By presenting national legislation in a harmonized framework, this repository, the first of its kind in the region, allows for a comparative analysis of national legal instruments and facilitates the sharing of best practices between countries. 

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The GFCM is piloting the project in Albania, Tunisia and Turkey, representing three Mediterranean subregions (Adriatic Sea, central Mediterranean and eastern Mediterranean). The next phase of the project will involve additional countries to reach full coverage of the Mediterranean region by 2022.  
For each of the countries covered, GFCM-Lex provides background information on fisheries and aquaculture and on relevant decisions adopted by the GFCM in each field, connecting national legislation to GFCM decisions. This information is available in English, French or the national language of the country covered. 
GFCM-Lex is already impacting the national legislation in participating countries. In Albania, administrators have used the repository to identify gaps in their existing legislation and update it in line with GFCM recommendations. These actions are helping, for example, to protect vulnerable species and support small-scale fisheries while addressing issues such as bycatch and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. 
By launching this online repository, the GFCM aims to increase knowledge and support of sustainable fishing practices, as well as encourage collaboration and the adoption of best practices throughout the Mediterranean region. 

The GFCM invites you to contribute to enrich the content of GFCM-Lex with new legislation or updates to country profiles by filling out the relevant forms. To stay up-to-date on new legislation, country profiles and national trainings and workshops, subscribe to the GFCM-Lex mailing list.  

Learn more about the GFCM-Lex project and the training workshops for national stakeholders in Tunisia and Turkey. 

During phase one of GFCM-Lex, only restricted and selected access to the platform will be granted. Please contact the GFCM Secretariat to request access.

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