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Korean delegation visits FAO

Rome, Italy, 18 October 2013

On 17 October 2013, Land and Water Division received the 17-member delegation from the Republic of Korea headed by Mr. Un-gi Kim, Deputy Director of the General Services Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA). Mr Kim visited FAO along with local government officials from Jeju and Cheongsando islands.

“Korea is a very important member state of FAO. It is overwhelming to know that the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs have adopted a policy on agricultural Heritage – the Korea’s Agricultural Heritage Systems, where you have selected a number of traditional systems.” said by Mr Moujahed Achouri, the director of Land and Water Division at the opening of the programme visit. Mr Achouri thanked the Korean delegation for their visit to FAO, for their interest to know more about FAO’s work as well as for their interest and application for the recognition of Korea’s important agricultural heritage systems, the Jeju batdam and the Cheongsando Gudeuljangnon systems. Mr. Achouri also expressed his invitation to the delegation to become Partners of FAO for achieving results.

Despite the modernization during the last decade, Korea still holds a significant number of agricultural and fisheries heritage systems that represent the people, knowledge systems and richness of natures and landscapes. “We are hoping that our two proposals for Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems” will be selected and recognised” expressed by Mr Kim, the head of the delegation.  

Short programme of presentation about FAO’s work and about the GIAHS Initiative were presented to the delegation.


Chair and Moderator: Mr Masahito Enomoto, Deputy Director, AGP and GIAHS Coordinator

Welcome and Opening Remarks: Mr Moujahed Achouri, Director, Land and Water Division

Short talk from the Head of Delegation: Mr Un-gi Kim, Deputy Director of the General Services Division, MAFRA

The Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (video documentary): Ms Mary Jane Dela Cruz, Technical Officer, Land and Water Division

Presentations from various divisions: Forestry Department, Fisheries, Agriculture:

  • Mr Youngsuk Im, Visiting Forestry Expert, Forestry Department: "Introduction of FAO & FAO Forestry"
  • Ms Daniela Kalikoski and Ms Jessica Sanders, Fisheries Department; "The Fisheries and Aquaculture Department and GIAHS"
  • Mr Masahito Enomoto, Deputy Director, AGP and GIAHS Coordinator: "GIAHS: the way forward" & "FAO's Strategic Objective 2"

Short talk/Presentation of GIAHS proposals from Jeju and Cheongsando