Registro mundial de buques de pesca, transporte refrigerado y suministro

Four new country fleets added to the Global Record

©FAO/Horst Wagner

Information relative to four national fleets has recently been uploaded into the Global Record of Fishing Vessels, Refrigerated Transport Vessels and Supply Vessels (Global Record), bringing the number of participating countries to 65 States.

With the new data uploaded of vessels from the national fleets of Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, and Turkey, the FAO Global Record now includes data on 11 687 vessels.

The current global fleet in the Global Record, i.e. vessels with IMO numbers, includes a wide range of sizes, from fishing vessels of less than 12 metres of length overall (LOA) to fish carriers up to 176.9 metres.

Besides the latest new national fleets, the Global Record sees a continued participation and active engagement mainly from States in the European, North American and Latin American regions, followed by Asia, Africa and the Pacific, which are gaining momentum.

Since June 2020, up to 77 percent of vessel records were updated to reflect changes on 30 national registers, which included some of the world’s biggest long distant fleets such as China, USA, Spain or Norway.