Global Soil Partnership

Presentations | 3rd meeting of INBS

13-14 December 2021, virtual meeting (Zoom)

Opening, endorsement of the agenda - Mr Lifeng Li, Director, Land and Water Division, FAO and Mr Ronald Vargas, Secretary, FAO GSP

Video | Protect Black Soils, Invest in the Future

Item 1: Progress and challenges of the INBS activities implementation - Mr Yuxin Tong, INBS Coordinator, FAO GSP

Item 2: INBS Work plan 2021-2022 - Mr Ivan Vasenev, INBS Chair, Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

Item 3: Cooperation opportunities between the Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) and the INBS - Ms Lucrezia Caon/Mr Filippo Benedetti, GSP, FAO

Moderator: Mr Yuxin Tong, GSP Secretariat

Item 4: Proposal for the establishment of the International Research Institution of Black Soils (IRIBS). Objectives, goals, mandate and rules - Mr Guiqing Han, Previous Chair of the INBS, the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Science.

Moderator: Ms Natalia RodriguezEugenio, GSP Secretariat

Item 5: Progress of the report of the Global State of Black Soils. General introduction - Ms Lúcia H. C dos Anjos, ITPS Black Soil Working Group, UFRRJ

Moderator: Ms Maria Konyushkova, GSP Secretariat

Item 6: Progress of the GBSmap. Status of the GBSmap development and Methodologies for the GBSmap development - Mr Yusuf Yigini, GSP, FAO and Mr Marcos Esteban Angelini, INTA/ GSP, FAO

Moderator: Ms Lúcia H. C dos Anjos, ITPS Black Soil Working Group, UFRRJ