Global Soil Partnership

Presentations | Launch of the International Research Institution of Black Soils (IRIBS)

10 June 2022, virtual meeting (Zoom)

Organizer: Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Heilongjiang Province; Department of Natural Resources, Heilongjiang Province Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences (HAAS).

Co organizer: Global Soil Partnership of FAO; China Association of Agricultural Science Societies; Heilongjiang Academy of Black Soil Conservation and Utilization (HABSCU)

Launch of the IRIBS

  • Mr Lifeng Li, Director, Land and Water Division, FAO
  • Mr Zhaoxian Wang , Director, Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of HeilongJjiang Province
  • Mr Guiqing Han, Chair, IRIBS
  • Video | IRIBS Opening Ceremony

Moderator: Ms Di Liu, Secretary General/President, HAAS

Presentations of member countries

  • Ms Di Liu, Secretary General/President, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
  • Mr Ivan Vasenev, Head of the Department of Ecology of Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Russian Federation
  • Mr Wei Zhou, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Mr Luca Montanarella, Senior Scientist, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, EU
  • Ms Beata Łabaz, Professor, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, State Research Institute, Poland
  • Mr Giorgi Ghambashidze, Head of Laboratory of the Scientific-Research Center of MEPA, Georgia
  • Mr Hussam Hag Mohamed Husein, Professor, General Commission of Scientifics Agriculture Research (GCSAR) Damascus – Syria/Institute of Geography, FAU Erlangen Nurnberg University, the Syrian Arab Republic
  • Mr Rachid Moussadek, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Agronomic Research, the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Ms Roza Orozakunova, Chairman of the Teaching Methods Commission, the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Ms Enkhtuya Bazarradnaa, Researcher of Soil Science, Agroecology and Business School of Mongolian Univeristy of Life Sciences Darkham-Uul, Mongolia
  • Mr Nuntapon Nonghanpitak, Senior Agricultural Research Officer, Office of Land Use Planning and Policy, Land Development Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Kingdom of Thailand
  • Mr Yiyi Sulaeman, Senior Researcher, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Technology Assesment and Development, Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture,the Republic of Indonesia
  • Mr Xiaoyuan Geng, Head, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Canada
  • Ms Skye Angela Wills, National Leader for Soil Science Research, USDA-NRCS-National Soil Survey Center, the United States of America
  • Mr Miguel Taboada, College of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Republic
  • Mr Carlos Clérici, Professor, Directorate General, Natural Resources (DGRN) of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) for Uruguay, the Eastern Republic of Uruguay
  • Ms Lúcia Helena Cunha dos Anjos, Dean of Graduate Research of Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, the Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Mr Mario Guevara Santamaria, Professor, Geosciences Center - National Autonomous University of Mexico Campus Juriquilla

Moderator: Mr Yuxin Tong, GSP Secretariat, FAO


  • Mr Jie Liu, Director, Heilongjiang Academy of Black Soil Conservation and Utilization (HABSCU)