Global Soil Partnership

AFACI GSOCseq Training Sesssions: 17-21 January 2022

17 - 21 January 2022 | Online 


Day 1. (3h) Opening and Introduction

  • High-Level opening (Dr. Park Joungyoon, AFACI Senior Deputy Secretary General, AFACI Secretariat)- 10’ 
  • Introduction: The GSOCseq Initiative (importance, the process, benefits, timeline), General framework (BAU, SSM1-SSM2-SSM3, Meta-Analysis), Product specifications, discussion and feedback on national capacities 


Day 2. (3h) Introduction to sequestration modeling 

  • Introduction to sequestration modeling (RothC Basics), Input data requirements; uncertainties, software and tools (R, QGIS and Google Earth Engine to be used during the training) 
  • Introduction to the R language and RStudio 
  • Input data preparation: running Scripts 0 to 9 


Day 3. (3h) Input data preparation

  • Input data preparation (continuation of Day 2): running Scripts 0 to 9 
  • Harmonization of spatial layers 


Day 4. (3h) Modeling and Mapping SOC sequestration potential 

  • Modeling and Mapping stage: running Scripts 9-16
  • Hands-on break out room session: applying the methodology to national data 


Day 5. (3h) Review and Implementation

  • Review and interpretation of the results and QA 
  • Hands-on break out room session