Global Soil Partnership

Educational Soil kits

The Global Soil Partnership has developed a soil educational field kit accompanying the TRAINING MODULES. Using simple tools, it allows in-field assessment of soil physical, chemical, and biological conditions. The content of the kits can vary depending on the practical exercises to implement and should be adapted to the local soil conditions. Each element of the kit is connected to the FIELD EXERCISES, where instructions on how to perform the assessments are found. Check out the list below to see the tools included in the kit and related field exercises

Toolkit outline guide

Branded material

Along with the educational kits, trainers and Soil Doctors receive branded elements (cap, vest and t-shirt) identifying them as local leaders and advocates of sustainable soil management in the country.

Any actors can decide to procure the educational kits independently from the GSP by referring to these specifications: KITBRANDED ELEMENTS.

See below some kit examples (click on the photos to enlarge).