Action Against Desertification


Forests are disappearing at an alarming rate in Nigeria. Of the forests that existed in 2007 in the area where Action Against Desertification operates, only half remained 10 years later.

Action Against Desertification supports Nigeria’s Great Green Wall interventions in three communities in the northern parts of Bauchi, Jigawa and Sokoto states. Activities include:

Land restoration: 4 266 ha were mechanically and manually restored in the targeted states. In addition to 21 004 kg of seeds and 291 000 seedlings being planted, approximately 1 175 kg of vegetable seeds were also provided for micro-gardens. These efforts benefited 21 662 people (26 percent women).

Non-timber forest products: supporting village enterprises in beekeeping, honey and fodder production, Balanites oil extraction and marketing, as well as the harvesting and commercialization of gum Arabic. The project also supports micro-gardens and community nurseries. These efforts combined benefited approximately 1400 people.

Capacity development: Seventeen training sessions and workshops were carried out for 367 beneficiaries. Topics included restoration techniques, as well as native seeds treatment and planting through direct sowing. Community associations were trained in livestock improvement, honey production, the harvesting of gum Arabic and fodder production. 

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  • Intervention area: 35 villages in Bauchi, Jigawa and Sokoto states
  • Population : 569 000 inhabitants
  • Surface: 65 776 hectares
  • Restoration potential : 5 431 000 hectares (57% of total land area of Bauchi, Jigawa and Sokoto states)