Africa Sustainable Livestock 2050


03 September 2021
This paper compares the relative frequency of zoonotic disease emergence associated with food animals versus...
10 August 2021
This policy brief illustrate the current situation and suggests an approach to improve biosecurity and broiler business in Kenya.
02 March 2021
This document provides a snapshot of One Health policy stakeholders in Ethiopia that can engage in effective One Health policies in the country. It focuses on those actors expected to play a key role in...
05 February 2021
Milestones for an evidence based multi-stakeholder dialogue. Livestock sector policies, laws and regulations provide the overarching framework that guides the development and transformation of livestock.
03 February 2021
Animal health policies and strategies are, in most countries, comprehensive and well-designed but poorly implemented. One of the reasons is that there is little systematic information on the challenges and constraints policy implementers face, which...
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