Climate Change Adaptation in the Eastern Caribbean Fisheries Sector

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago continues to receive CC4FISH support to reinforce its resilience to climate change in liaison with the other regional projects .

A scoping study of selected communities to target for Vulnerable Capacity Assessments was conducted in Trinidad and Tobago

Different activities were conducted to reinforce resilience of the fishery sector: ICT training of stewards and fisherfolk in Trinidad and Tobago has been carried out with 408 persons in 2019.

Support was provided to the Trinidad Fisheries Division to reinforce their capacity in management of vessel records.

Trinidad and Tobago and the Tobago Credit Union are in the process of planning an “Aquaponics as a Business” workshop for local aquaponics farmers. The Trinidad and Tobago government aquaculture demonstration farm has also received support for the purchase of new equipment.