Coastal Fisheries Initiative
@FAO/Luis Costa

Knowledge sharing

The CFI provides hands-on support to coastal fisheries in six countries across three continents: Côte d'Ivoire, Cabo Verde, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru, and Senegal.

In many countries, data and technical understanding of coastal fisheries are limited and can hinder proactive sustainable development.

Knowledge sharing is a primary asset of the CFI partnership. The GEF-funded Initiative is helping to assess, monitor and establish methods of best practice in coastal fisheries as part of its knowledge management portfolio.

The CFI’s vision is that of scaling up the flow of information to create more holistic processes and integrated approaches in coastal fisheries management by sharing best practices and lessons learned at country, regional and global levels.

Our goal is to create a lasting legacy for coastal fisheries and fish-dependent communities so that they can safeguard marine biodiversity while protecting their own livelihoods.

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