Contract Farming Resource Centre

Other Learning Resources for Contract Farming

PPTs for the updated Contract Farming Course

An Overview of Contract Farming Resources in PPT

This overview provides an introduction to FAO Contract Farming Resources Center and key publications in contract farming for practitioners. This presentation can be used as part of the contract farming training programme.

Key Literature on Contract Farming

A list of featured publications that delve into different facets of contract farming.

References for Key Concepts and Topics on Contract Farming

Key references on various contract farming topics with indications of where these topics are discussed in the literature.

Evaluation Form for Contract Farming Training

An evaluation form for contract farming training can be used by trainers to assess the effectiveness of the training and help both the trainers and us to improve our training programme.

Please also check out the Toolkit page for contract samples and other tools, and check out the Library page for key literature, briefs and presentations.


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