Programme FAO-UE FLEGT


10 stratégies pour le succès des micro, petites et moyennes entreprises

23 November 2021
Entre 2016 et 2021, le Programme FAO-UE d'appui relatif à l'application des réglementations forestières, à la gouvernance et aux échanges commerciaux (FLEGT) (ci-après le Programme) a appuyé plus de 100 projets dans 20 pays pour aider les micro, petites et [...]

Pathway to legal timber harvesting on public land clarified in Thailand

19 November 2021
Sustainable timber production and harvesting on public land in Thailand is central to national efforts to promote economic forestry and achieve the 15 percent increase in forest cover to reach the Thai government’s commitment of 40 percent coverage.  However, many [...]

Vietnamese design competition celebrates legal timber

09 November 2021
Hanoi, Viet Nam The Center for Education and Development (CED) has launched a hybrid in-person and virtual exhibition, featuring winning designs from a design competition using legal timber. Celebrating the potential of domestic plantation timber in furniture and housing design, the [...]

Honduran delegation in Rome: Follow-up to the Honduras-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement ratification

30 September 2021
Honduran Minister-Director convenes with FAO leaders to define next steps for the implementation of the recently signed Voluntary Partnership Agreement On 27 September 2021, the delegation of the Minister-Director of the National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development, Protected Areas and [...]

Promoting legality in the Mozambican forest sector: protection for natural resources and benefits for local communities

30 September 2021
Cheringoma, 28 September 2021 New forest management plan and timber traceability system proposed this week for the Muanza-Inhaminga corridor With over 40 percent of its national territory covered by forests[1], Mozambique is one of Africa’s greatest timber exporters. Legality and sustainability [...]

Forest enterprises equipped with new skills for legal and safe timber production in Ghana

22 September 2021
Accra, Ghana As part of Ghana’s commitment to timber legality under a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) signed with the European Union in 2009, forest enterprises must comply with several forest legality standards. While larger enterprises have the capacity to adapt their [...]

Women at the forefront of sustainable forest management in Mozambique

15 September 2021
The FAO-EU FLEGT Programme and the Mozambican National Directorate of Forests join efforts to engage local communities in the sustainable management and conservation of forests and natural resources As part of broader efforts to sustainably manage forest resources, the Mozambican government [...]

New paper on Independent Forest Monitoring in Central Africa published by CIDT

14 September 2021
Entitled NGO-state relations in the monitoring of illegal forest logging and wildlife trafficking in Central Africa, the paper highlights the importance of the relationship between public authorities and civil society in the execution of Independent Forest Monitoring (IFM) activities. Through [...]

« Success Story »: Régionale

13 September 2021
La coopération sud-sud en faveur des objectifs de transparence en Afrique de l’Ouest et Afrique Centrale Données clés La coopération entre des organisations non gouvernementales (ONGs) d’Afrique de l’Ouest et d’Afrique Centrale a contribué à faire progresser les objectifs de légalité et [...]

Quatre ans d’accompagnement des forêts communautaires camerounaises vers la légalité

10 September 2021
Le nouveau documentaire produit par SAILD, avec le soutien du Programme FAO-UE FLEGT, met en lumière les bénéfices de la foresterie communautaire et les défis des communautés locales pour rejoindre la légalité Depuis 2015, l’ONG camerounaise Service d’Appui aux Initiatives Locales [...]