Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Value chain analysis

What sets FISH4ACP apart from other efforts to improve value chains is the focus on all three aspects of sustainability - the economic, the environmental and the social.

Our work to strengthen fisheries and aquaculture value chains begins with in-depth assessments aimed at pinpointing the main challenges and opportunities to making them more sustainable - economically, socially and environmentally.

FISH4ACP's assessments build on FAO 's longstanding experience in the field of value chain analysis and follow a highly participatory and stakeholder driven approach.

It covers the full range of actors that make up the value chain, from fisherfolk to fish processors and sellers all the way down to the consumer, looking into all value adding activities that transform raw materials into food products.

To capture this complex system of people in action, we use a holistic method that examines the actors, the environment in which they operate, the networks that link them together, as well as their technical, economic, social and environmental performance.

At the end of the assessment an "upgrading strategy" sets out a path towards stronger and more sustainable value chains.

This is the basis of FISH4ACP activities and will enable stakeholders to strike a balance between production and protection, to boost economic returns and social equity, while reducing negative impacts on the marine environment.

For more information, please read FISH4ACP’s draft methodological brief.

This brief is based on the methodological guide currently being field-tested in twelve FISH4ACP countries. It will be made public when the testing has been done.