Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Marshall Islands

Tuna accounts for nearly all of the national fisheries production and exports from the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Most tuna caught in the waters surrounding this chain of coral islands and atolls in the Central Pacific Ocean derives from industrial offshore fishing, particularly purse seine fishing.

Most tuna is transshipped in the port of Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, to other regions for processing. Yet, increased catches have not translated into domestic growth in the post-harvest and processing sector.

In close collaboration with the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority, FISH4ACP is supporting the Marshall Islands in making its tuna sector more sustainable and in strengthening its position as a hub for tuna landings with a view to bolster economic growth and local employment, while safeguarding the environment.

FISH4ACP is working to expand post-harvest and value-addition activities, promoting the use of renewable energies and facilitating access to export markets, set to reach USD 55 million in ten years, in a bid to improve local food security and employment opportunities, while safeguarding fish stocks and reducing the environmental footprint of the tuna purse seine sector.