Food for the cities programme


The CRFS Toolkit is an online repository of resources to assist project teams as they implement the CFRS assessment and planning process detailed in the CRFS Handbook. It contains supplementary explanations, how-to tools, training materials, technical examples, and workshop resources related to activities within each of the project module.  

The Inception module is a logical starting point of the CRFS assessment and action planning process.  

The purpose is to conduct preparatory administrative tasks and to lay the foundations for multistakeholder engagement and participation throughout the rest of the project. Additional stakeholder mapping and checking-in on (and possibly revising) the vision will take place in subsequent modules.  

The Inception module contains six activities: 

  1. Determining entry point and securing political buy-in 
  2. Setting up the project team, including skills audit;  
  3. Starting to collect maps and contacting data sources 
  4. Developing the work plan; 
  5. Establishing a Stakeholder Advisory Group; 
  6. Drawing up an initial vision. 

Key outputs for the Inception module

By the end of the Inception module, project initiators will have: 

  • political buy-in or approval for the project
  • a project team in place, including appointment of a project coordinator, institutional focal point(s), and other experts. 
  • a work plan detailing tasks, responsibilities, resources, products or outputs, and timeline/deadline
  • established contact with some sources of spatial data
  • an initial collection of up-to-date maps


Project initiators or the project team may also have: 

  • identified the entry point(s) 
  • established an initial SAG 
  • an initial vision and vision statement

In addition, the project team will have identified, and be knowledgeable about,  recent past and ongoing projects that are relevant to the CRFS.