Food for the cities programme

Action Planning

The Action Planning module is based on the findings of the CRFS assessment.  

The purpose of this module is to conduct targeted, context-specific action planning to address specific priorities identified from the findings of the CRFS assessment (both the rapid scan and the in-depth assessment).  

Action planning is a circular process in which four questions are asked and addressed: 

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How will we get there?
  • How will we know when we have got there? 


The Action Planning module contains five activities:  

  1. Action planning work plan and workshop preparation 
  2. Multistakeholder workshop 
  3. Working group and SAG meetings
  4. Outreach and engagement 
  5. Final multistakeholder meeting 



Outputs for the ‘Action planning’ module

By the end of the action planning phase, the project team will have identified actions to address specific priorities. Actions may either be amendments to existing policies, programmes and interventions, and using existing funding, or new ones. 

The following will have been developed for each action: 

  • a detailed roadmap towards putting the action in place, including outreach and engagement activities 
  • an implementation plan 
  • a monitoring plan 

Outreach materials will also have been produced, such as policy briefs, cost-benefit analyses, press releases and media articles. 

It is not expected that all actions will be in place and implemented by the end of the project, but progress will have been made towards putting them in place. 

A long-term governance platform will have been formed, with term of reference, which takes up responsibility for overseeing progress towards putting in place and implementing actions, monitoring change, and identifying new needs.