Food for the cities programme

Working group and SAG meetings

This activity involves establishing several thematic working groups for relevant stakeholders to review and refine the list of actions generated from the multistakeholder workshop, develop a road map towards the selected actions, and to review progress and update implementation plans. The working group meetings take place over several months, with working group members carrying out follow-up tasks between them. 

In addition, the SAG functions as a cross-cutting working group to identify synergies and complementarities between the action plans of the thematic working groups, and to promote strengthened governance of the CRSF beyond the end of the project. 


The following tools will help with the working group and SAG meetings: 

Example: Template for planning working group meetings

This document contains a table for the project coordinator to plan the purpose and expected outcomes of each thematic working group. 

References: Sources of documented case studies for food actions 

This document contains a list of sources and links that project teams may explore to identify actions that stakeholders in other cities and city regions have put in place to build food systems sustainability and resilience. 

Examples: Pilot city process reports 

[Available soon] 

Examples: Food systems governance models and resources 

This document contains examples of long-term governance platforms that have been established in Quito, Lusaka, and the Golden Horseshoe region. It also provides references to repositories of more case studies. 

Example: Implementation plan template 

This document contains a template for developing an implementation plan for each action, consisting of: a series of steps;  identifying who is responsible each step, the timeline, resources needed, potential barriers, and communications; evidence of success, and how progress will be monitored. 

Guidance: Developing monitoring mechanisms for actions 

This document sets out a process for determining monitoring mechanisms for actions, and ensuring that they are coherent with the overall outcome for the priority area. 

Example: Simple work plan template 

This document contains a template for drawing up a roadmap to put each action in place, based on the SCHEMES check.  

Guidance: Establishing terms of reference for governance platforms 

This document contains some key points relating to the structure and operations of governance platforms for the founders to consider and enshrine within written terms of reference.


Training unit 10: Action planning 

This training unit provides guidance on activities during the initial action planning workshop, as well as the extended action planning process to further develop action ideas, roadmaps to put them in place and implement them, and outreach and engagement plans.