Food for the cities programme

Define the CRFS

The ‘Define the CRFS’ module is usually conducted towards the start of the CRFS assessment and action planning process, but the activities can be repeated as part of subsequent modules, as more data becomes available. 

The purpose of the ‘Define the CRFS’ module is for project teams to determine exactly what constitutes the CRFS in their particular context. 

Project teams must determine both the geographical area that is relevant to the CRFS (which will cut across administrative boundaries and include urban, peri-urban, and rural areas), and the stakeholders in food system within that area.

To help them do this, the ‘Define the CRFS’ module contains two activities: 

  1. Determining initial CRFS boundaries 
  2. Stakeholder mapping analysis 



Outputs for the ‘Define the CRFS’ module

By the end of the Define the CRFS module the project team will have:

  • Determined the boundaries of the CRFS, based on a set of agreed criteria 
  • Base GIS maps showing the initial boundaries of the CRFS
  • A database or table of information on stakeholders  
  • A written report of the stakeholder mapping analysis findings 
  • Detailed stakeholder maps, showing influence, links, goals/objectives of stakeholders, and strength of influence over certain issues