Food for the cities programme

Multistakeholder workshop

The purpose of the multistakeholder workshop is to communicate, take stock of, and validate the in-depth assessment findings, to verify the vision and direction of travel, and start the collective process of generating and sharing ideas to address key issues. 

A number of workshop activities are suggested, including: 

  • Presentation of findings from the Rapid scan and the In-depth assessment
  • Review of the vision 
  • Setting criteria for action selection
  • Reflection on types of action 
  • Generation of action ideas
  • Introduction to working groups, expressions of interest
  • Post workshop: documentation and systematization of workshop outcomes 

The workshop lays the foundation for further action planning, over several months.


The following resources will help with the multistakeholder workshop: 

Example: Action planning workshop agenda outline 

This example is intended to help the project team to organize a series of participatory workshops to develop the action planning. 

Guidance: Developing a vision and summary vision statemen

An explanation of what visioning is, why it is needed, and who should participate, example visions and vision statements, and detailed guidance on the visioning process.     

Explainer: the food systems approach  

An explanation of the food systems approach, including how contextual factors condition the experiences of stakeholders, processes and relationships, and how outcomes of activities and interactions in value chains contribute to contextual factors.  

Template: Table of action ideas 

This document contains a table for the project coordinator to compile all the actions that were shared during the multistakeholder action planning workshop.


Training unit 10: Action planning 

This training unit provides guidance on activities during the initial action planning workshop, as well as the extended action planning process to further develop action ideas, roadmaps to put them in place and implement them, and outreach and engagement plans.