Food for the cities programme

Final multistakeholder meeting

The final stakeholder meeting takes place up to six months after the start of action planning. 

The purpose of the final SAG meeting is to present a summary of the entire CRFS process, including progress towards putting the actions in place and implementation and monitoring plans; to discuss and validate the TOR for the on-going CRFS governance platform; and to discuss next steps for CRFS resilience and sustainability. 

The final meeting should not be presented as the closing of the project. Rather the meeting is the springboard for a new era of building resilience and sustainability of the CRFS as the actions are implemented, and stakeholders agree to put in place the long-term governance platform. 


The following resources will help with the final multistakeholder meeting: 

Training unit 10: Action planning 

This training unit provides guidance on activities during the initial action planning workshop, as well as the extended action planning process to further develop action ideas, roadmaps to put them in place and implement them, and outreach and engagement plans.