Developing capacity for strengthening food security and nutrition

Rapid assessment and microsimulation of impacts of a Cash+ pilot intervention in Kyrgyzstan


This report presents the results of a mixed-method rapid assessment that provides both indicative quantitative information and in-depth qualitative analysis on the household-level impacts of the Cash+ pilot. The assessment focused on the effects of the pilot intervention on dietary diversity, income generation and poverty reduction outcomes as well as household decision-making. To establish the impacts of the pilot, the assessment relied on comparing subjective perceptions of households that participated in the pilot, those receiving only cash transfers but not the pilot, and a sample of other households that did not receive either support (as a comparison group). This was accomplished through a qualitative study and a quantitative study. The rapid assessment was complemented by a microsimulation analysis of potential poverty impacts and implications for food consumption diversity that made use of the Kyrgyz Integrated Household Survey (KIHS) conducted in 2014, which is representative at the national level.