Epeza Soup

Epeza Soup

cowpeas: 85 6
fish: 130 6
water: 1/2 10
broth: 1 1/2 21
pepper: 5 6
salt, table: 15 6
spinach: 40 6
oil, cooking/salad: 170

Dish Type: Soup

Country: World
Cooking Time (minutes): average (30 minutes - 2 hours)
1. Break locust beans cakes into water with fingers. Add bouillon cubes and oil to water and place on fire.
2. Soak fish, wash removing bones, and add to mixture. Add dry pepper.
3. Add additional 140 ml water and stir in cowpea flour with a stirring broom or whisk. Stir very quickly to avoid lumps.
4. Stir for 3 mn, then add more water for cowpeas to absorb after soup thickens (add approximately 170 ml).
5. Add boiled spinach after cowpea flour is cooked, and cook for additional 2 mn.
6. Serve immediately with pounded yams, yam flour meal, or eba.

Do not store. Must be used immediately. Particularly adapted for infants and toddlers.

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