rice: 1/2 cup? / teaspoon?
soya, beans: 2 cups
water: 6 cups
flour, wheat: 1/2 cup
salt, table: 3 cups

Dish Type: Other

Country: Philippines
Cooking Time (minutes): advanced (over night)

1. Clean, wash and soak soybeans overnight and drain.
2. Put soybeans in a casserole and cook until soft. Strain soybeans to remove water and cool.
3. Sundry the soybeans for 1/2 hour or dry under room temperature for 1 hour.
4. Add wheat flour to soybeans and stir until beans are covered.
5. Sprinkle rice ban with molds (3 days old) over beans and mix well.
6. Spread the mixture 1-2 inch thick in a native tray or "bilao". Cover it with clean cheese cloth or mix paper. Keep in a clean place for 3-4 days or until soybeans are covered with molds.
7. Prepare salt solution (3 cups of salt and 6 cups water). Transfer the mixture in a clean bottle or container with salt solution. Cover the container with a cheese cloth. Shake well.
8. To initiate fermentation, place the mixture under the sun for 5 days.
9. Then transfer the mixture to a dry shaded place to continue fermentation for about 1 1/2-2 months. Taosi can now be served or used for cooking.

For best quality Taosi lengthen the fermentation process.

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