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Rwanda: Training of Yanze Irrigation Water Users’ associations, Shyorongi, 11 May 2021


A training workshop on water distribution, institutional setup registration of water permits, and conflict resolution for YAHOPROC Cooperative and Yanze Irrigation Water Users’ Association leaders was held on 11 May 2021, in Shyorongi Sector, Rulindo District.

The training involved 50 vegetable farmers –29 men and 21 women– of the Yanze catchment in order to help them set up an irrigation water users’ association for better management of irrigation water. The objective of the training was to facilitate the leaders of the YAHOPROC Cooperative and the UHIRA WEZE YANZE Water Users’ Organization to understand the roles and the importance of Irrigation Water Users’ Organization (IWUO) and to make an action plan and Operation & Maintenance Manual (O&M) supported by the sector and district staff.

The event was inaugurated by the National Coordinator of the FAO Project “Knowing water better: Towards fairer and more sustainable access to natural resources for greater food security (KnoWat)”, Mr Joseph Anania Bizima; the Executive Secretary of Ngoma Sector, Ms Domitille Nyinawumuntu; and Mr Eric Twagirayezu, Representative of Action for Environment Protection and Promotion of Agricultural Sector (APEFA).

In the first session of the training, Mr Augustin Dusengimana, Irrigation Officer of Rulindo District, presented the functions and roles of the IWUO, whose most important role is to ensure equitable irrigation water supply to members and management of the scheme; strengthening of IWUO management; establishment of O&M manual; and characteristics of a successful IWUO.

The second session was aimed at strengthening the Yanze Irrigation Water Users’ Organization. The trainer emphasized the importance of the leaders’ commitment to speed up the establishment of the amendment of the Constitution (By-laws) and the internal regulations and to well manage possible disputes related to water use in irrigation.

The participants recommended the following:

  • To organize another round of training in Yanze, with a focus on building IWUO’s capacity in drafting its own laws and regulations and building its institutions.
  • The expansion of cooperative farmland to increase productivity.
  • To organize a meeting with farmers who own land near water reservoirs with the aim to improve agriculture practices.
  • To improve the irrigation systems to increase the irrigation area.

The training workshop was officially closed by the Executive Secretary of Ngoma Sector, Ms Domitille Nyinawumuntu, who thanked FAO and APEFA for the strong partnership.

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