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Welcome to our projects page, showcasing selected remarkable endeavors that embody FAO's commitment to enhance knowledge and resilience building, promoting localization while fostering innovation, and delivering cutting-edge solutions in humanitarian and food crises contexts. 

Explore and learn how critical collaborations, driven by a shared vision of a world free from food insecurity and poverty, are making a positive impact and transforming lives and communities at large. 

Resilience Initiative / Rome-based Agencies Initiative

A programming framework for bridging humanitarian and development approaches, helping to mitigate the damaging effects of recurrent crises and to address the root causes of persistent vulnerabilities and food insecurity. Discover more

COVID-19 sensitization along the food supply chain: Sharing knowledge to keep rural communities safe

An in-country documentation focused on providing sensitization tools to eleven focus countries and capturing emerging country-level RCCE responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Discover more

Capitalization, dissemination and appropriation of good agropastoral practices for resilience in West Africa

West Africa is a fertile ground for the development and implementation of good practices. Discover how capturing and sharing knowledge can have a transformational impact on lives and livelihoods, helping build upon the resilience that pastoralist and agropastoralist groups are already known for. Discover more

Global Network Against Food Crises Partnership Programme

An overview of how and what FAO learned from selected “country-investment” interventions and learning agendas, aiming at generating sustainable solutions to food crises in fragile contexts and protracted crises across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Near East. [Page under construction]


A collective action towards strengthening capacities, knowledge and skills of local actors to achieve more predictable and timely emergency responses. [Page under construction]

Community engagement in Anticipatory action

Capturing and promoting emerging and good practices from four pilot countries to improve the active inclusion of at-risk and potentially affected populations in the formulation, implementation, evaluation and learning of anticipatory action programming. [Page under construction]