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Capitalization, dissemination and appropriation of good agro-pastoral practices for resilience in West Africa

13/04/2022 - 07/06/2022

This seminar on "Capitalization, Dissemination and Ownership of Good Agropastoral Practices for Resilience in West Africa" was presented as part of a series of seminars organized by the Knowledge Sharing Platform on Emergencies and Resilience (KORE), with support from FAO’s Office of Emergencies and Resiliences.

The seminar, which took place on Wednesday 13 April 2022, is part of a series of meetings organised within the framework of the project "Food security and resilience to climate change in the Sahel and West Africa - Process of exchange, learning and capitalisation on good pastoral and agropastoral practices in the Sahel", funded by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, but also in the framework of the European Union's support to the FAO through the Global Network against Food Crises Partnership Programme.

It focused on the theme of capitalisation, dissemination and ownership of good practices for resilience in West Africa.

The Knowledge sharing Platform of the FAO Office of Emergency and Resilience (KORE), in collaboration with the FAO Regional Team for Resilience, Emergencies and Rehabilitation for West Africa/Sahel (REOWA) and the Regional Centre of Excellence on Hunger and Malnutrition (CERFAM), wished to exchange with other actors on the role of capitalisation in strengthening the resilience of agropastoral livelihoods in West Africa, both in terms of documenting good practices, disseminating them, integrating them into new programmes, as well as their appropriation by various actors. Therefore, this seminar aimed to highlight knowledge management strategies as effective tools that contribute to addressing resilience challenges in the Sahel.

In this context, the webinar aimed specifically at :

  • To briefly present the approaches to capitalising on good practice and the need to implement appropriation and dissemination strategies.
  • Reflect in groups on the challenges and opportunities of appropriating good practices in the work of actors operating for food security and resilience.
  • Involve experts to testify on the role of capitalisation and their dissemination and appropriation strategies to improve their impacts on the ground.





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