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How Livelihoods Support is Bolstered by Social Sources of Resilience

Kaizer (FSNNetwork)
20/01/2022 20/01/2022 8:30am - 10:00am ET
Virtual Event

Join REAL for the final discussion in a series of three, based on our recently published Resilience Rapid Learning Series.

The third discussion is based on the brief Role of Markets in Strengthening Social Resilience Capacities in Northeast Nigeria, which documents how a combination of livelihood support and economic collectives like village savings and loan associations (VSLAs) can develop financial and social sources of resilience in crisis contexts. In protracted crises, where the state has limited capacity or lacks the political will to provide for and protect its citizens, people rely on markets and social connections for protection, information, and economic resources. Resilience capacities such as agency and confidence in the future are equally important. But how might aid interventions in protracted crises develop these important sources of resilience? Early evidence from two economic recovery interventions in Northeast (NE) Nigeria found that a combination of livelihood-support and economic collectives such as VSLAs helped develop financial and social sources of resilience through three pathways.

The event will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation in French. For more information, including panelist bios, please click here.



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