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ResilienceLinks Webinar | Achieving Coherence: The HDP Nexus

08/02/2022 08/02/2022 9:30AM – 11.00AM, GMT -5


USAID Resilience Leadership Council, in partnership with ResilienceLinks

Learn about the humanitarian-development-peace (HDP) nexus from USAID and global partner representatives.

Unprecedented and compounded crises, shocks and stresses are impacting the populations USAID and its partners serve. Working together across different types of assistance is more important than ever before for addressing immediate needs and the root causes of our greatest development challenges. Humanitarian-development-peace (HDP) coherence offers a critical step forward in moving beyond silos, prioritizing a common agenda and enhancing coordination across types of assistance in a way that puts local communities and people front and center.

USAID's Resilience Leadership Council recently released a new product titled "Programming Considerations for Humanitarian-Development-Peace Coherence: A Note for USAID’s Implementing Partners". This document highlights USAID’s core principles on HDP coherence and shares both what USAID has learned in its pursuit of HDP coherence as well as promising practices and ideas identified by our partners. This product focuses on day-to-day programming approaches, decisions and routines that we hope can directly inspire partner approaches.

Learn about the report and discuss how to achieve HDP coherence in ResilienceLinks's first webinar! This event includes opening remarks by a Resilience Leadership Council Co-Chair, a brief overview of the programming considerations document, a lively moderated panel featuring USAID and partner representatives from across the HDP nexus and ample time for open Q+A.


  • Jessie Anderson | Senior Conflict Advisor, USAID
  • David Alpher | Conflict and Violence Prevention Integrator, USAID


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