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26/09/2023 - 05/03/2018

Conflict is a major driver of food crises, followed by weather extremes and economic shocks. Violent conflict is also a primary drivers of forced displacement, another factor contributing to heightened food insecurity. As a UN agency that works on eradicating hunger, protecting rural lives and livelihoods, and promoting long-term development, FAO has an important role in supporting local solutions that harness the potential of agrifood systems to break the vicious circle of the Climate, Peace and Security (CPS) nexus, and enhance the prospects of sustainable peace. 

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 This webinar series was organised with support from the European Union.



We live in an era of uncertainty and risk. Finding the means to build peace is as challenging as it is necessary, and it is incumbent upon all of us, not just peacebuilders. Peace Responsiveness calls for integrated approaches that harness the respective strengths of actors from multiple different sectors to deliberately contribute to peace. Building peace is everyone’s responsibility – we cannot deliver on our global promises of healthy, safe, and resilient societies without it.





Stories of change from Somaliland: Enhancing peace for food systems resilience in fragile and conflict-affected contexts - Food and Nutrition Security Resilience Program


Bridging Borders - Prevention and Conflict Resolution in Sahel's Agro-Pastoral




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