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RCCE for COVID-19 prevention Webinar IV |Indigenous Peoples’ resilience and adaptation in face of the COVID-19 crisis



As the final event in a webinar series on Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) for COVID-19 prevention along the food supply chain, this webinar will discuss the value and application of Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge throughout the COVID-19 crisis and explore opportunities for replication in other contexts. Participants will deliberate on the role of traditional knowledge in the sustainability and resilience of Indigenous Peoples’ food systems and the disproportionate challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples during the COVID-19 crisis, while giving concrete examples of the innovations, adaptations and solutions that safeguard their food and livelihoods security. 

The event will share insights around the following themes and questions:

  1. How is the COVID-19 crisis affecting Indigenous Peoples and their food security around the world, given the pre-existing political, social and economic conditions that place Indigenous Peoples in vulnerable situations?
  2. What are the roles of Indigenous Peoples’ traditional knowledge, holistic approaches to health, and indigenous-led responses within the ongoing COVID-19 crisis?
  3. Examples of resilience mechanisms developed and adopted by Indigenous Peoples.
  4. Emerging lessons learned that can be drawn from the information and experiences shared.


Opening remarks: 

  • Rosanne Marchesich, Global Support Team Leader, Office of Emergencies and Resilience, FAO
  • Yon Fernández de Larrinoa, Head of the Indigenous Peoples Unit


  • Tania Martínez-Cruz, Mixe People, Researcher and Member of the Global –Hub on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems 


  • Mariam Wallet Aboubakrine, Kel Tamasheq people, Medical Doctor and coordinator of the Arramat Project
  • Gam Shimray, Naga People, Secretary General, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact


  • Nahid Naghizadeh, CENESTA, Iran
  • Francisco Van Hildebrand, Director, Fundación GAIA amazonas
  • Bhogtoram Mawroh, Khasi people, NESFAS
  • Amoz Yator, Endorois people, Kipkandule Code Area, Kenya
  • Nigel Crawhall, UNESCO 



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