Sustainable Management of Bycatch in Latin America and Caribbean Trawl Fisheries (REBYC-II LAC)

Bycatch reduction and best practices

On behalf of the REBYC-II LAC project, we are happy to announce the opening of this forum to ease communication and discussions between all stakeholders interested in improving the management and practices in bottom trawl fisheries. This forum is meant to be a space for participants to share knowledge and experiences, highlight pressing issues, share information, and host discussions around shrimp fishing and bycatch management. By opening channels of communication, we can use this space to address concerns, incentivize action, and even provide solutions.  Any stakeholder may start a discussion to share their experiences, ask questions, and highlight new or existing ventures. This can be done through sharing experiences regarding the project, or new ventures, articles, among others that could be of common interest.

The forum is managed by the REBYC-II LAC regional project coordination unit but all are welcome to contribute and start new discussions.

Welcome to the REBYC-II LAC discussion forum, we look forward to reading your thoughts!