Coherent Food Security Responses: Incorporating Right to Food into Global and Regional Food Security Initiatives

Caribbean Community (CARICOM)


In 2010, Member States of the Caribbean Community adopted a regional food security policy with the right-based approach to food. The project supports the next step, i.e. the Regional Action Plan to ensure the permanence of the rights approach in the implementation of regional policy.

The project has supported the development of the Action Plan for Regional Policy Food and Nutritional Security through participation in meetings of the Technical Working Group, formed for that purpose by the Secretariat of the Caribbean Community and reviewed drafts of the proposed Plan that strengthen the focus of the human right to food in the document. Through training, the capacity of the Caribbean Community Secretariat has been strengthened to assist Member Countries in the implementation of the human right to food as a basis for policy and action plans.

Through the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum), the project has conducted an online consultation and facilitated a discussion of the Action Plan for Regional Policy Food and Nutritional Security, to allow inclusion of the point of view Caribbean civil society.

The project also supports the development of a regional and national assessment in the area of the human right to food. This evaluation covers the legal, legislative, institutional and relevant policies and strategies, while also identifying the population groups whose right to food is not done. A report on the state extended the right to food in the region to serve as a roadmap for future interventions.

This is how the project has started to support CARICOM Member Countries in the implementation of the food and nutrition security policies with the Right to Food focus. In particular, the project is supporting the Regional Technical Cooperation programmes for Grenada and Barbados to articulate the Regional Action Plan into the national policies.