RuralInvest: Fostering Access to Finance for Small-scale Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are experts on what they do, but sometimes they need support in turning their vision into a bankable business plan. RuralInvest users facilitate this process by providing guidance to the entrepreneurs with regards to the RuralInvest methodology and its steps. Group sessions, the use of flipcharts and several consultations rounds are some of the ways of implementing RuralInvest methodology in the field.

The RuralInvest toolkit offers users an interactive, hands-on path, going from theory to practice, to work together with the entrepreneurs and create feasible, appropriate, and sustainable business plans.

Elements of the toolkit: 

  • User-friendly software to develop business plans

RIV20 is a software specially designed to develop small-and medium-scale investment proposals across the agri-sector. By automatizing many financial calculations needed, you will be able to analyze project proposals, including comparing alternatives such as best and worst case scenarios.

Click here to access the RuralInvest software.

  • An e-learning course to master the methodology

The RuralInvest e-learning series is designed for professionals working with communities, groups, or individuals wishing to prepare effective investment proposals with the RIV20 software. It will tackle each step of the methodology from investment planning in the field, data collection, data entry in the software, and interpretation of the business plan generated.

Click here to access the RuralInvest e-learning series. 

  • Tailored face-to-face trainings to develop national capacities

Courses are designed to institutionalize RuralInvest in either projects, organizations, or countries developing long-term capacities at national or regional levels. They are usually combined with the e-learning course to further strengthen the ability of the users to apply the methodology and use the software.

  • User manuals and training materials

We are constantly improving the software, and we are also developing new training materials in different formats to support our community of users. 

  • Worldwide Community of users

The RuralInvest community is composed of professionals from all over the world who were trained and are using the toolkit. It is a place to receive news and updates, exchange knowledge and study cases, and share success stories.