RuralInvest: Fostering Access to Finance for Small-scale Entrepreneurs

The toolkit for national institutions

As a free toolkit specially designed for developing investment proposals, RuralInvest could be adopted by any national institution such as national banks, universities, extension services, entrepreneurship hubs, among others. These institutions strengthen the empowerment of RuralInvest at the country level by training professionals capable of using the toolkit to support entrepreneurs. 

Depending on the nature of the institutions, they can participate in RuralInvest trainings happening in the country, adopt the tool in their institutions, become an FAO partner to replicate trainings, organize knowledge-sharing activities, etc.  

Benefits of partnering with RuralInvest as an institution: 

  • Access to RuralInvest technical support from FAO  
  • Part of a network of professionals and institutions to exchange knowledge and best practices  
  • Access to the RuralInvest software: a user-friendly and free software that supports all types of small and medium-scale rural businesses and translates participatory data collection into professional-quality business plans. It also provides synchronized offline and online versions for easier usage and collaboration. 
  • Access to the RuralInvest methodology for trainings, free materials, and tips from trainers of a worldwide community.  

To explore the possibilities of partnering with RuralInvest, contact us: [email protected]