Strengthening Agro-climatic Monitoring and Information System (SAMIS)

Terminal review focusing on sustainability


Hired by FAO, three independent consultants are conducting an external review of the project final results. The team is composed by one international team leader; one technical expert and myself and one national consultant.

Given the complexity of the project and the variety of activities, the team has made contact with project partners in Italy, South Korea, Thailand, and Vientam. The team has also liaised with different government entities in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Forestry, and Labour and Social Welfare. In the photo, the meeting included the consultation with the HE the Deputy Minister Chanthannet Bualapha.

During the last two weeks, the Review team has been focusing on the field activities of SAMIS, and have visited Vientiane Province and Saravan.

Based on the initial debriefing and given the successes of the project, the review have focused in the sustainability and in defining additional needs for the development of the SAMIS2 project.