SEPAL Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action

Certified course

The online facilitated course experience is now available in self-paced mode.

Interested in digital platforms and tools for more effective forest and land monitoring?

Learn how to use SEPAL.

The course focuses on how the SEPAL platform can support land and forest monitoring. It will guide you through selected functionalities and applications of the platform, and frameworks, systems and processes for forest and land monitoring for climate action.

It supports knowledge and skills development to operationally apply high-resolution satellite imagery to critical forest and land monitoring in tropical forest countries.

The course is open to all interested in digital platforms and tools for forest and land monitoring, and covers the following topics:

  1. Institutionalization of forest data
  2. Introducing SEPAL for forest and land monitoring
  3. High-integrity measurement, reporting and verification
  4. Monitoring of forest and ecosystem restoration
  5. Peatland mapping and monitoring

The "Sharing the experience on Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action – SEPAL" self-paced course is based on the first edition of the online facilitated course delivered from 24 March to 7 May 2023 in English, Spanish and French.

This facilitated course has been adapted and made available in self-paced mode to share the content and associated resources that were developed for it, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

Participants feedback

Alejandra Guevara, Ecuador

Estoy muy contenta de haber tomado el curso, ya que tuve la oportunidad de actualizarme y conocer las nuevas tendencias sobre metodologías para el monitoreo de bosques y tierras. Esta información es de mucha utilidad en mi trabajo, dado que formo parte del equipo que está construyendo el nuevo Nivel de Referencia de Emisiones Forestales de Ecuador. Los conocimientos adquiridos me han servido para comprender de mejor manera, los nuevos protocolos para la generación de los datos de actividad requeridos para la estimación de emisiones.

Branislav Trudić, Serbia

I have successfully finished online facilitated course Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action - SEPAL course on satellite imaging of forests! #LearningSEPAL. I have finished 4 modules.


It was challenging, but satisfying learning journey! Thank you NFM team of FAO and collaborating partners for such opportunity!

Komlan Edem Amessinou, Togo

Très content d’avoir obtenu le badge numérique "Surveillance des forêts et des terres pour l'action climatique – SEPAL" suite à la organisée par la sur l’utilisation des de surveillance de la plateforme SEPAL et de l’institutionnalisation des données sur les forêts.

Lynette Nakaye, Uganda

More than privileged to have been given an opportunity to do this course by FAO. My major highlights through this course:
1. Understanding the foundations and operations of a National Forest Monitoring System and how it can be operationalized through institutional and legal frameworks.
2. Online trainings on how to use the SEPAL cloud computing platform’s basic functionalities to support forest and land monitoring
3. Learning how to use FAO’s set of tools that facilitate data collection, analysis and reporting for forest and ecosystem restoration.

Lorna Njanja, Kenya

Glad to have been a participant in the Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action - SEPAL course by FAO
It was enjoyable and insightful. The course was also well structured and beginner friendly, thanks to all the resources that were provided at the start of the course and the beginning of each module which included tutorials on how to navigate the SEPAL Platform. Also, I got a Digital Badge☺️. Excited for the next installment!

Marina Martínez, Spain

Happy to share that I was certified on "System for Earth Observation Data Access, Processing and Analysis for Land Monitoring (SEPAL)" by FAO!

The course aims to support knowledge and skills development to operationally apply high-resolution satellite imagery to critical forest and land monitoring in tropical forest countries. More specifically, the course focuses on how the System for Earth Observation Data Access, Processing and Analysis for Land Monitoring SEPAL platform can support land and forest monitoring for climate action...

Happy to put this knowledge into practice!

Mauricio Alejandro Perea-Ardila, Colombia

Me pareció un curso muy interesante debido a que las herramientas geoespaciales proporcionadas por SEPAL son de gran utilidad para el monitoreo forestal y brindan la posibilidad de utilizar una amplia gama de recursos tecnológicos.  Todo lo aprendido en este curso me servirá para incluir las herramientas de SEPAL y mejorar los análisis frente al impacto de los incendios forestales en Colombia para la toma de decisiones, ya que es un tema de especial interés para mi.

Michael Wanjuzi Makongo, Uganda

The course was timely. I really enjoyed learning SEPAL and I would do it again. It was hands-on, informative and engaging. I enjoyed the videos and the resources provided. I would definitely apply what I have learnt in my community of Manafwa district, for example the Peatland restoration together with monitoring the environment.

SEPAL Platform is all inclusive and with SEPAL you can monitor any activities on the ground together with other applications to come to a conclusive conclusion. I would definitely recommend the  course to colleagues because it is one way of combating climate change which is crucial at the moment.

Mmachukwu Obimdike, Nigeria

Preparing for ecosystem restoration can be a daunting task but learning about technologies and methods for restoration can help us make informed decisions about the best approach to use.


I'm grateful to FAO Model for providing the e-learning platform to learn about Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action using SEPAL.

Moubaraak Djobo, Togo

Nous avons suivi avec succès le E-learning de la FAO sur la « Surveillance des forêts et des terres pour l'action climatique – SEPAL ».

Démarré le 24 mars 2023, Cette formation vise à soutenir le développement des connaissances et des compétences pour appliquer de manière opérationnelle l'imagerie satellitaire haute résolution au suivi critique des forêts et des terres dans les pays forestiers tropicaux. Plus précisément, le cours s’intéresse à la façon dont la plateforme du Système pour l’accès, le traitement et l’analyse des données pour la surveillance des terres (SEPAL) peut soutenir le suivi des terres et des forêts pour l'action climatique.

Natasha Han, Singapore

Many thanks to the FAO Elearning Academy for providing this useful and interesting course! I have always wanted to improve my skills and knowledge of SEPAL, and look forward to utilizing SEPAL more in my geospatial workflows for forest monitoring.

Also appreciate that the course end date was extended.

Tevita Rakula, Fiji

I am thrilled to announce that I have successfully completed the two-week course on "Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action - SEPAL." This journey has been an eye-opener for me, and I've learned so much about the importance of monitoring our natural resources.

SEPAL has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to monitor forests and lands using remote sensing technology. I now understand how to use satellite images to detect changes in vegetation cover, land use, and land cover, among other things. With this knowledge, I can now contribute to global efforts to mitigate climate change by monitoring the health of our forests and lands.

This course was developed and designed by FAO thanks to finance from



This version of the course enables users to achieve a Digital Badge upon successfully passing the final test.

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